Friday 24 August 2012

Wow. Just wow.

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

We were blown away by this last year, just after we took possession of Honey. But it was hard work. We spent more time aground than afloat on the Diggle Flight, and more time refilling pounds than using them on the Marsden Flight.

But BW (as it was then) did a lot of work over the winter, and the Eastern, Diggle side of the tunnel was a delight to navigate.

Still dredging to be done on the West side, though.


  1. Before I stated reading your blog I really didn't see the point of narrow boats and canals. Now? I wish we had boat!

  2. I mean this, Pol; contact me - you know how.

    Come to Yorkshire and have a cruise on Honey.

  3. That's a lovely offer! I wil be in touch sometime - but it's not a great time at present. We've more than pushed our luck this summer being away from my MiL - I've not mentioned it much on my blog but its all rather traumatic. Every time we've ventured more than 10 miles from home there's been something involving an ambulance!

  4. I know that feeling...