Sunday 19 June 2011

First Night

We met the lovely Paul & Chrissie, whose names adorn the boat, when we arrived at the marina yesterday to sign for Honey and take possession.

They couldn't have been nicer or kinder, and Mic & I felt a little bit guilty taking such a loved boat from them. Only a little bit guilty though - after cooking & eating a fish pie and settling down with a cuppa, the guilt went away and was replaced by appreciation.

Honey feels like home.

Our duvet is on the bed, my hat is on the throttle, and Hugh says he had "the best sleep ever."

Monday 6 June 2011


You talk to any boat owner and I guarantee that within twenty minutes you are discussing toilets.
This from a very good friend who has lived on a boat for most of her adult life. She also said,

It's the man's job to sort out the toilet.

So let's talk toilets.

Portapotti - no. You want to talk about them, talk to someone else.

Flushing toilet with black water tank? I'd love one in my new boat. Can you lend me a couple of grand to get one fitted...? No? OK, let's not bother with pump-out stations, then.

That leaves a Thetford cassette toilet.

Well, it flushes...