Saturday 25 May 2013

No boating this spring

We've had a busy spring, and not even managed a day trip yet.

Honey has survived the winter in good fettle, with the exception of her starter battery, and we had originally planned to move her to her new home during the Easter break (no, I'm not telling until we get there - but we're really excited about it!)

However, the sight of three inches of snow on her roof three days before our planned departure had Mic shivering, and the trip was postponed.

May half term is also a no-go because our daughter is taking GCSE exams the week of our return, so I've done nothing more than meet a couple of lovely friends on board for a natter, dust & clean, and burn a few logs on the stove to drive out any damp.

Nothing to see here, move along. Come back in July...