Wednesday 15 August 2012

That desolate wilderness again.

To be fair, the Staffs & Worcs is a very pretty waterway, and the Shropshire Union is famous for its many charms.

3G signal isn't one of them.

We made a slight detour to Dadford's Wharf along the way to arrange a repaint for Honey, and booked it for September 2013 - it was a choice between a quick repaint or a wait for a quality job, and everyone knows Honey is worth it.

It's been a combination of absolutely delightful boaters who we have seen several times a day, and the occasional encounter that an only accurately be described as a run-in. Literally. Boating reflects life in general - every now and then you will meet someone and wish you hadn't.

If we see one particular boat again, we're pulling over, getting all the fenders out, and standing on dry land until they are on a different waterway.

We're in Shropshire now, looking forward to a Chinese takeaway with old friends. Perfect.

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