Monday 6 August 2012

Got a boat? Get on the Avon!

It was the River Avon that started it for us, and even with scattered showers the Avon has seduced us again.

It's always a wrench to leave Stratford-upon-Avon, but leaving downstream by boat helps. We've dawdled (as you should!) and adored one of the most beautiful waterways on the network.

We stopped at Evesham Marina to give Honey some TLC and were delighted by their service. We turned up unannounced and were met at their landing by staff offering help. Two hours of laughter later, we left with a freshly repacked stern tube, a new set of domestic batteries and a tank of diesel.

They couldn't have been nicer or better - even down to showing us what they were doing (which gives me an opportunity to growl and snarl about a certain boatyard on the S&K which packed only 350° of my stern tube last year...)

Tonight: feet up on a sunny riverbank while the kids play with a boomerang. Tomorrow we're going to explore Pershore.

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