Wednesday 4 July 2012

Being seen at the right parties, darling

We didn't make it onto the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Flotilla. But that's OK - it was held on some backwater down South, and it would have been a real nuisance getting Honey there. Water shortages on the way there, floods on the way back... We got the message! We stayed away!

And anyway, there is a far more important flotilla happening on our doorstep this weekend. York is celebrating the anniversary of receiving its charter.

60 years, Brenda? Not bad, I suppose.

Us? We're celebrating 800.

And as the Daily Telegraph said in its article about this weekend's celebrations, "800 years is peanuts in this city."

So York is going to have a party. The preparations are well under way, and we are going to party for several days.

In typical English summer weather I brought Honey half way from her home mooring to York. It was a journey under moody skies and past heavily laden working barges & the usual motley collection of wonderful little boats. Everyone was very friendly and chatty, ignoring the rain & loving the sunshine, and treating the waterways as they should be: a nice place to be.

Bring on the party!

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