Thursday 28 July 2011

The Tunnel

We went through the tunnel yesterday. We were booked for the first slot from Diggle to Marsden, and arrived at the portal in good time to see two boats emerge from the other side, dripping wet and with crews complaining of the cold. Money has been wisely spent on North Face baselayers, and we used them.

I was surprised to see a very highly specced boat arrive behind us, declare they had a later booking than us, and arrange with the tunnel staff to go through first because (and I swear I am not making this up) the profile of their boat is right on the limit of the dimensions of the tunnel, and they might not make it through.

Just a minute, my friend. If you are booked to go through the tunnel after me, and you think you might get stuck in the tunnel, then you shall enter the tunnel after me. So we set off on time and made good time.

One hour fifteen minutes later, we emerged into the bright, Marsden sunshine (with a bit of a hole in the cratch cover caused by one of those 'Look over there!' moments) and started the descent towards Harrogate. Friends from Mic's work met us at Marsden, and we gently locked our way down through a very pretty little valley.

We are now low on provisions, our disabled child has a short break to attend, and a we have car to collect from Staffordshire. A couple of days to-ing and fro-ing to restock the kitchen, wash everyone's undies and pick up forgotten items means a shocking change of pace will wake us all up.

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