Sunday 24 July 2011

The Macc

Friday night and the holiday started.

The family arrived on board in time for supper - and an early start on Saturday with friends and family.

In the morning we invited grandparents and friends for coffee, and then took a couple of them with us for the seven hour cruise from Congleton to Macclesfield. We spotted 'Rosie and Jim' puppets in boats and counted the herons.

After a quiet night at the Puss n Boots, we made at early start, first looking for a shop for supplies, second looking to see how far North we could reach in a day. The upper reaches of the Macc was fun: sitting on the roof of the boat and drinking tea while we navigated the lock-free pound.

The Marple flight: ouch. 16 locks. Three and a half hours. And finally, an overnight halt at Ashton-under-Lyne.

But best of all: three happy children. The autistic one has announced that he is the captain and the other two love the boat.

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