Saturday 27 July 2013

Ready to go

You can tell we're setting off on our holiday tomorrow - just look at the weather forecast.

So much for the heat wave...

Anyway, the route has been planned and the "boat rations" (a supply of non-perishable food to fall back on if we can't find fresh) have been bought. Insect repellant and sunblock supplies have been topped up. The batteries are fully charged, the stops to fill the water and diesel tanks are booked, and all we need to do now is clamber aboard and set off.

But not before we buy one last essential item: Mic insists that there is always a vase of fresh flowers when she is on board. It is more important than the Queen's flag...

It will be sad to leave Fairies Hill after what feels like such a short time, but we have explored the local waterways thoroughly enough now, and it is time to go and discover another part of the country. We have never visited the Welsh waterways before, and are excited at the prospect of investigating an area famous among boaters for its beauty.

If you rummage around the Fairies Hill website, you will see the letter of thanks I wrote to them after two happy years mooring there.

But tonight is our last night on dry land for three weeks. Our daughter is marking the occasion by having one of her infamous "90 Minute Karaoke Showers" - only possible when you have unlimited hot water.

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