Friday 6 April 2012

Any Port in a Storm

The first section of the tidal Trent was an uneventful, bitterly cold section of the journey, with sleety, driving rain. Only the hardiest of holidaymakers, and those with strict deadlines, we're moving.

But we reached Torksey slightly ahead of schedule, and were greeted by a friendly lockie who recommended the tea rooms and arranged our departure at 8 o'clock the next day.

Not a chance: the weather was even fouler with gusts of 50mph... But the lockie was right about the tea rooms.

Eventually the weather brightened enough, and we set off again, in convoy with NB Bagherra and her crew, to Cromwell. This part of the tidal Trent was far prettier and gentler - although we were punching the tide for the last 4 miles.

A glitch on my iPhone meant the photos of Newark's impressive castle were lost (I'll upload the ones we took with the SLR when we get home again.)

The final hazard was Averham Weir, notorious for grounded narrowboats. Instead of concentrating on steering, I took a nice photo of it - much to the entertainment of the crew.

A night in a fully-specced marina is an appropriate form of R&R. A bar, a laundry, showers with unlimited water, good friends in the village, a walk to the local farm shop and then an evening of gin & chocolate - more than enough to refresh anyone.

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