Thursday 8 January 2015

A very difficult decision

Last year we managed just 18 days of boating. This year, we have opportunity for even less.

This is because of my new job, which needs me at work when everyone else in the family is on holiday.

Boating works when everyone's holidays coincide, but when they don't then the year round maintenance, licensing, insurance and mooring costs are too much for just a fortnight of holiday every year.

So we made the very difficult decision that the best thing to do is sell Honey.

As you can see from the pictures, Honey is a beautiful little boat and we always thought that she would be easy to sell - but even we were surprised by what happened next.

Michaela posted on an internet forum that we would be putting her in a brokerage, and linked to this blog, and almost immediately people were contacting us. By the following weekend she had been sold. On 18th January we will deliver her to her new home.

I will leave it to Honey's new owners to introduce themselves (they are taking over this blog as part of ownership) but Michaela and I are delighted that she is going to be loved as much as we did, and as much as Paul & Chrissie did before us. We will, of course, miss this happy little boat and continue to follow her future adventures.

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