Sunday 11 December 2011

Saltaire (the forgotten blog entry...)

We made it to Saltaire in late October. It's taken until now for me to write up the journey...

I've loved the village for years, not least because I'm a huge fan of David Hockney (his gallery is in Salt's Mill) and an admirer of Industrial Revolution era philanthropists. The 21st Century had a lot to learn...

We never made it up the Bingley Five Rise because we didn't rush there and only had the one day to ascend and then descend; we 'boated properly' as the crew of Georgian Star said when we admitted to dawdling.

The truth is that with the cold weather, dark nights and the long working hours, we really miss the boat and we're planning the Spring trip already.

Tidal Trent... Mmmmm


  1. Tidal Trent - where are you going from and to? The lock keepers are friendly and full of useful and re-assuring knowledge.You may have to stem the tide at lock approaches,ie turning back into the stream so virtually drifting backwards angled towards the lock to give you more control in the approach. Sounds worse than it is, honestly!You will also need to know tide times to decide what time to leave - try to always go with the tide. Again, lockies are a fount of knowledge.

  2. We'll be heading South from the Aire & Calder, probably via Trent Falls.

    We're used to the tidal Ouse now, and the lockies there are superb. Turning and approaching Selby lock backwards is great fun, although I made a bit of a mess of it first time and entered the lock far too fast. If I'd hit anything I'd have made a fairly big dent in my boat.

    It looks like we'll be doing this at Spring, so consulting the lockies about it is going to be essential.