Saturday 17 September 2011

Working Waterways

Well, it took a week longer than we had hoped, but our little boat is finally back at her home mooring.

Last Sunday's trip down the tidal Ouse was immense fun, but high winds led to delays on the Aire towards Ferrybridge. A power failure at Bulholme Lock held us up for another hour and we didn't get to Castleford until after BW closed the flood locks for the night.

So we had to leave Honey to fend for herself among all the working boats for a few days.

The final part of the voyage home had to wait until this morning - just a short hop along the River Calder in sparkling sunshine.

This afternoon we are clearing out our old beach hut - the loss of which prompted our decision to buy a boat. It's a shame they decided to sell the hut we have rented and loved for so long, and we will miss the beach.

There is a time for everything.

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